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Rob Young was born in the North East of England.

He trained in Theatre Design and spent 13 years working in photography, where he was an expedition photographer in Chile, Tanzania and Pakistan.

When Rob was hit by a car, he spent 9 months in plaster, so to pass the time, he started to write. It changed his life. He spent the next 20 years writing for the UK's biggest film and TV companies.


Rob then moved into healthcare, so he could use my skills to help people. As a Faculty Associate at NHS Research & Development North West, he has spent the past 8 years, teaching NHS and Social Care leaders how to communicate in a way that is warm, welcoming and accessible to all. He also works with various charities.

Rob is a practicing artist and have been commissioned to produce work for the Cultural Olympiad and Landmark Trust, as well as various charities, Councils, museums, galleries and heritage sites. His creative work has included a helicopter, drone, folly, fishing boats, football stadium and full-size galleon.

Rob has helped thousands of fledgling writers find their voice and has worked with every stratum of society from Hollywood stars to the homeless, terminally ill lung patients to young Cancer survivors.


Rob's approach can be summed up in four syllables,

"How can I help?"

Rob has had the same agent for 25 years, the wonderful Cathy King at 42 Talent Agency.

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